Awakening the Written Word

So, last Saturday, May 6th, 2017, we hosted a workshop to discuss and develop ideas seeking to enrich members’ writing specifically with a view to using said words in a public, performance role. Perhaps, also, to write prose that others can use in such situations.

Literature Wales, the national agency sponsoring such activities, provided a list of potential coordinators and I found Martin Daws, Performance Poet, to run the day of workshops and live performance session at the Station Hotel.

A morning session, in Colwyn Bay Library, Martin used as a theory session, during which we worked on spontaneous prose generation – through a game of literary Consequences – and editing – by splicing together hastily written works in pairs, each independently written about the same topic.

And we talked a lot!

After a speedy lunch break, part two, at the NWAMI building on Greenfield Road, we spent a couple of hours dealing with practical issues, like utilising a PA system to broadcast ones voice effectively. Being placed “on the spot” sure allows one to demonstrate ones inadequacies in this department. Still, this was exactly why we wanted to run this day, so the end result was great.

This was demonstrated later, down the pub! At the Station’s upstairs venue Martin gave us a half hour rendition of his new “set”, designed for an upcoming event. It was a powerful piece, utilising words as poems and the spoken word together with vocally experimental, tone utterance and near hypnotic repetition of such.
He sure could use his mike, as well!

For the rest of the evening many members of the group read out and performed a wide variety of their own prose. Much of it, indeed, by now wide awake and highly entertaining. A very enjoyable evening after an excellent day and, I’m sure, the first of many.

So far, my name for the series is:
“The Write Way”.

Well, it seems good to me……….


Chris Hemmings


What a performance………


The North Wales Association for Multicultural Integration

with the Colwyn Writers’ Circle


“Awakening the Written Word”

A day of

Writers’ Workshops

on Saturday May 6th, 2017

led by

Mr Martin Daws,

Performance Poet

Morning session at

Colwyn Bay Library 11.00 – 12.30

Afternoon session at the

NWAMI Centre, Greenfield Rd, 1.00 – 3.00

Evening Performance Time at the Station Hotel, 5.00 til 7.00, maybe later, maybe with some performance comics………

PS – I find laptop word processor to WordPress plays hell with ones settings, so I played silly games with colouring, instead. Have pdf of original if anybody wants it …

I’ve been away for a few weeks and it was so good to be back at our meeting yesterday.  A great discussion on the topic of Translation with some interesting contributions.

Theme for next week: Bullying

Theme for the following week:  We are not alone.

I read a sonnet I’d written about a recent trip.


We’ve come to Stratford for a day or two

(by way of Chester’s nice Cathedral caff);

the Travelodge supplying bed and loo

and prebooked tickets saving us from faff.


We first see Aphra Benn’s The Rover.  GOD!!!

I love the woman! play and all.

Us older ones admire and clap and nod

but young things whoop with joy and feel lust’s call.


And so tonight: Two Noble Kindsmen.  Hmm

There’s gods and honour, battles, love and gore.

I like the words but miss the sense of them

and, at the end, polite applause – no more.


Hey ho, it’s over; time to leave this place.

We two are back to Rhos-On-Sea’s embrace.

Open Mic at Tape

Thank you Ewan, and see you in a couple of weeks.

The event went very well and was hugely enjoyable. Well done to Marc, Rob, David and Chris for your readings and to Rosa and Mike for your songs.

It was brilliant for us all to perform and visit Tape. There will be another event in a few months, so we all can all look forward to that. It will have been recorded by the staff at Tape – I will let you all know if I hear anything about a screening, etc. Meanwhile, enjoy writing, and see you all soon x Cath

Fish and Chips

I’ve drawn a blank

I’m caught

Hook, line and sinker.

Not even a single thought

No ideas, with which to tinker.

With this task I can take no trips

I’m truly lost – I’ve had my chips!

And I trawl down in all my deepest seams

The richest veins where choice nuggets will always gleam

And just find nish

And have to create a rhyme

For fish.