‘Adam Ellis’ – a character profile

Brilliant profiles Steffan and Ceris! Hi readers, I’m Cath, and am part of Colwyn Bay Writers’ Circle, writing poetry and short stories while studying writing at my own pace. The below profile is of a character who is part of an extended poem I’ve written recently, set in a fictional place and in an early draft stage! Very much a work in progress, and he is a kind of witness to the story I’m trying to develop . . .

He is . . .

Medium height, stocky with dark hair and heavy-rimmed glasses. Native town is Sealand, a seaside town that is the setting for the poem. Born in 1965. His main career has been as a Solicitor, which has taken him to the South but which now returns him home to pick up where he left off . . . He is educated with a law degree, and entered the profession straight from university in Birmingham. While at college, he returned to Sealand and had a brief relationship with a girl he has never forgotten. He has never married, has had no luck with relationships, but she haunts him . . . He is level-headed, but lonely, and is prone to despair: he has a strong sense of something missing all his life. When he is not in work clothes, he still wears jeans and a leather jacket. He listened to a lot of music when he was younger – now listens to Classic FM. Has a brother still living in Sealand, but they are not close. He has a persistent sense of a secret following him, but can’t pinpoint what it is . . . Likes a drink and goes to pubs on his own. Has vivid dreams which he can’t remember the next day. He is observant and likes people watching, and has a surprising, off-beat sense of humour. He believes in fate and returns to Sealand with the strong sense something is about to happen . . . Watches TV box sets at night and his favourite film is ‘The Godfather’. For years now, he has hidden and harboured a conviction that there is something or someone out there belonging to him, if only he could find out what it is . . .


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