A short poem written after the group talked about how to come up with ideas for plots and all that involves! Learning about the plot of Hamlet got me thinking about procrastination, which is what he does throughout the play . . . but perhaps he never did it to a rap rhythm!


I’m mad, angry, but ineffective.

I would do something,

but I’m being selective.

I need to act, speak my grievance,

I need to solve out

my problem, get even.

Are you not impressed?

Are you dispossessed?

Are you waiting for the man

who killed my father?

Are you waiting for the man

who sleeps with my mother

to say his last words,

‘Hamlet, I loved her.’?

We know it’s all rotten

in the state of Denmark,

but my father’s ghost said,

Kill Claudius. Get to work.

But I’m procrastinating.

My hands are shaking.

In real life, people do this

when justice needs stating.

When it comes to act,

my head says, Quit Right Now.

To Be or Not to Be?

Not, Claudius should die.


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