Technology, Numerology, Scientology

Archaeology, Microbiology, Vaccinology

All these apologies

All these catastrophies

So lacking in the synergies

Of basic communicology.


We are a people divided by our similarities, we share languages but cannot comprehend one another.


Every day in meetings, in public houses or on the streets,

ensconced within the Internet and always in Tweets,

we shoot words at each other

and every time, when we recover,

we realise what’s missing.

“I couldn’t hear through all that hissing”.

What was said, and what was heard?

The upshots are all too often absurd….

What’s that?


So, did you even hear  what I uttered?





Morphs: techknowledgey

Profession: Techknowledgist

A bit like, in fact very akin and allied to being a cogniscience expert. Here we have a very new, very progressive couple of disciplines, both integral to a movement dedicated to pulling back the practitioners of  modern investigatory services back within the realities of our living World.

In fact we, as I count myself to be part of this movement, we are working to decouple the sciences from their pacts with the devils of economics and power and to restore their former allegiances to wisdom, virtue, responsibility and the unseen good.

Quite a task but a very necessary response to the decays in morality witnessed over a very wide spectrum of modern researches, published for profit in a range of exclusive Journals worldwide and sponsored by vast, inaccessible commercial interests.

There had been pointers so much earlier but by such gifted forward thinkers that their works had either been simply regarded as wild conjecture or accepted as “mere” science fiction.

Sir Peter Medawar was a Nobel Prize winning Oxford Professor of immunology who argued, over half a century ago, that our academic libraries held all the cures for cancer. We had no need to commission new research projects costing millions of pounds and taking decades to obtain results. We simply had to connect together all the knowledge we already had. Incidentally, Peter was also my father’s personal tutor!

Isaac Asimov wrote much science fact – he was a chemist and, for example, described much of the marvels of Vitamin C. He is better remembered, however, for his sci-fi, such as his compiling the unbreakable rules of Robotics.

Asimov’s epic though was the Foundation Trilogy, on the collapse of a mighty civilisation. This event was mathematically predicted and charted ahead of time by Psychohistorians. Their solution was to establish the foundation (hence the title) of a new phoenix society to arise from the ashes of the coming destruction. It worked – tho not exactly as the psychohistorical theorems had calculated it.

Now, our groups of cogniscientists and techknowlegista are to perform the same role within 21st century human society. Their brief, of course, is to avoid collapse, and simply to reroute the processes of thought, of planning and of living from individual gain to collective sustainability, and from destructive profit motives to green interconnectivity in this, the Century of Restoration.


Chris Hemmings (8 2 16)


Synergy – noun – the interaction of elements that, when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

Cogniscience – noun, describing the discipline whereby  objective reasoning is the means by which scientific discourse and discovery are progressed. External influences such as peer pressure, grant sourcing and personal career advancement are strictly excluded as influences.

Techknowledgey – noun, describing the discipline whereby the impacts of modern information and data handling on human and greater ecological communities are assessed in a holistic and independent manner.


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