Jump Off

Two men stand at a cliff edge.

One wants to remain.
One leave.

The man who wants to leave,
Is gone in minutes.
Without any warning whatsoever,

He has jumped.

The world gasps.
Knows all is lost, and that the man
Will never return again.

Alas, cries everybody.

He jumped.

He bloody went and jumped!
And hell ensues.
It is an emergency,
And no one knows what to do.

Then the man who wants to remain.

What about him?

He stands at the clifftop,
Staring, at the choice the man made.
He cannot believe it.

He grieves for it.

As the other man free falls,
He pinches himself again and again.
But he is awake.

So the two men divide at the cliff edge.
As the world watches,
One remains,
And one leaves.

And there is anger,
And there is fear,
And there are accusations,
And there are lies.

And seconds later,
The falling man lands.
He lies motionless for a minute,

Then he stands.

The world erupts.
This isn’t supposed to happen.

People just don’t survive
100 foot drops.

From the cliff top,
The other man is interviewed.
‘What did you see?’
They ask.

‘Did you see anything?’

He cannot reply.
After all, how can you tell the media
You saw Unity,
In the form of an angel,
Give the falling man wings?


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