Excellent meeting today where we read and discussed work around this week’s theme. Theme for next week is a choice of two topics: ‘Intimacy and Closeness’, or ‘The Traveller’ . . .
This is a poem I wrote on the theme of ‘Warmth and Passion’:

There are no shortage
of words for love.
Affection. Desire. Warmth. Passion.
Each one is a petal
on the proverbial flower.
Each one we dissemble
over another.
And our days are spent
chasing each bloom
in the garden.
We play, ‘He loves me, she loves me not,’
the grass over there
greener in the heat.
And we are not satisfied
until words lie all over the flowerbeds.
Until seeded,
they arrange into sentences,
some heartfelt,
others less meant.
But towering is the day
when we find one growing
just for us.
When we realise the real exchange
is the thought before the text.
For then it becomes
wordless, meaningful,
the instinctive drawing together.
The flora at one
with the gardener,
whatever the cascading weather.


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