The Border of the Ballet

At a great meeting yesterday, we decided next week’s theme is ‘Transparency’. Here is a short poem on this week’s theme of ‘Borders’ . . .

If ballet had a border
what would be its perimeter?
A proscenium arch?
Or a full-length mirror?

The arc of a window
or a blank white wall?
The corners of the studio
or an encircling barre?

What would transcend it?
The music of the piano?
The deep, complex rhythms
marking the eternal. 

What would dissolve it?
The movement of the body?
The tearing through space
after years of study.

For ballet is limitless.
There is no border, no line,
and everyone is dancing
in our everyday lives.

And if this is Spirit,
then yes, for this is Nerve.
The daring to unravel
a borderless Universe.


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