This week, the theme for our writing was WEATHER.

We Come In Storms

We’re born in agonising storms

of screams and blood and dark confusion;

tumbling midst chaotic power,

we’re driven into life.

A thick, elusive fog surrounds

our early days.  Is that a pattern –

is there meaning to be found

within the fumbling of this baffled sensing?

To our young minds,

life has an endless feel.  Eternal sunny days

exuding warmth and unrestricted opportunity.

How little do we know – or care.

We grow into a bleak, wild night

of winds and wetness, howls and driving rain.

We lurch from pain, through joy, to desperate longing;

and with the first faint streaks of dawn

we look and see that we have changed.

Adulthood comes

and with it buffeting and battering

from careless, potent gales.

They drive us here and there,

exposing us to what us new and different;

and through it all we somehow gain control

and learn to live with love.

But then for years, for decades even,

a thin and steady rain pours down upon our lives.

It slakes our thirst, perhaps,

but slakes it with monotony and greyness;

drip by drip by drip by drip our spirits drained.

Then unassuming autumn.

By then we’re broken by the strains of life,

our work is done, our powers declined.

But how our failing minds are learning to enjoy,

despite our fallen leaves and desiccated stems,

despite the disappearance of the glorious petals of our distant youth,

the simple things.

Now darkness falls and with it mad confusion.

Thunder rips the sky apart and horror grips our minds;

humiliation, pain and grief become our food;

a flash of lightning showing for an instant

a world of terrifying strangeness;

fantastic unrelenting storms;

an icy chill to freeze our warmth;

a scarifying fire to burn us down to ash.

And as we slip and slither helplessly to our inevitable end,

we have no longer sense or courage, faith or understanding.

No past, no future; trapped within the vastness of this one eternal moment.

Is there some place where order can be found;

a flicker in the darkness,

a whisper in the silence,

the faintest human touch within a universe of loneliness?

unevidenced unknown unreachable

our lives condensed

become an essence

reduced to hope


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