I’ve been away for a few weeks and it was so good to be back at our meeting yesterday.  A great discussion on the topic of Translation with some interesting contributions.

Theme for next week: Bullying

Theme for the following week:  We are not alone.

I read a sonnet I’d written about a recent trip.


We’ve come to Stratford for a day or two

(by way of Chester’s nice Cathedral caff);

the Travelodge supplying bed and loo

and prebooked tickets saving us from faff.


We first see Aphra Benn’s The Rover.  GOD!!!

I love the woman! play and all.

Us older ones admire and clap and nod

but young things whoop with joy and feel lust’s call.


And so tonight: Two Noble Kindsmen.  Hmm

There’s gods and honour, battles, love and gore.

I like the words but miss the sense of them

and, at the end, polite applause – no more.


Hey ho, it’s over; time to leave this place.

We two are back to Rhos-On-Sea’s embrace.


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